All you need to know about landing page optimization in SEO

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    Digital marketing has taken on many different forms in today’s day and age. It has become a necessity to understand the nuances of how digital marketing works, since the trends keep on changing day in and day out. However, Search Engine Optimization is one of those trends that will always be important. SEO makes use of essential keywords associated with a company, brand, or product to drive customers to its website page.

    What is a landing page?

    A landing page is the entry point to your main website or a particular section. Landing pages present a chance to make an excellent first impression on anyone visiting your website.

    A landing page is created to inspire the visitor to perform an action that you desire. It could be clicking on a link to go to the home page or product page, entering their email to receiving further communication, or even getting them to refer someone else to the website. These actions are essential to creating an impression in the minds of visitors, and therefore, the landing page is the first thing all brands focus on. 

    Why do you need SEO optimization on your landing page

    As the name suggests, landing page optimization are those pages that have been optimized efficiently for search engines to find them and rank them more easily in search results. How is this achieved? By equipping the landing pages with all the features necessary to make the search engine algorithm recognize its value. The aim here is to increase the number of visits to your page, which you can do if the search engine directs traffic to your page.

    How to make the perfect SEO landing page?

    Custom URL

    Publishing a landing page on a custom URL is preferable to make your page unique. You get the added advantage of directing more visitors to your page because the search engine algorithm recognizes unique URLs better.

    Keyword selection

    Keyword selection is of the utmost importance because this is what users type in the search engine bar while looking for something. The process of finding the right keywords is long and extensive, but the results are worth it. What you need to do is find out the list of potential keywords, long or short, that customers might use to look for your product or service. Longer keywords are also called long tail keywords and are ranked better than shorter keywords.

    Keyword placement

    If you already have your keywords list ready, the next step is to determine where to place those keywords. The title tag is the name displayed in the browser when someone opens up your webpage. The title tag should include at least one or two relevant keywords. Next, your page’s meta description displayed on the search results right below the title of your webpage should contain keywords as well. The headings on your page determine how your content is spaced, so make sure to include keywords there as well. Image descriptions for any image on your landing page should be descriptive and contain sufficient keywords as well. A search engine cannot see an image, so it relies on the image description. Make sure that you separate the keywords with commas.

    Backlinks on your page

    Having people link back to your website is still an important aspect of boosting your page’s ranking. This is one of the primary ways you can boost your ranking organically, and therefore, quite essential. Quality content and reaching out to people who might be interested in linking to your website is the best way to have credible backlinks.

    Shareable, high-quality content

    Content is king, and will always be so. Good, shareable content is what will boost your page’s ranking and reach. Good content will also help you get backlinks that direct back to your page. Another thing to keep in mind is to help users share your content easily on social media platforms. For example, providing share buttons on the side or at the end that directly allow them to share the content with a single click is a great way to get users to share your content.

    All in all

    SEO optimization and landing pages are both quite important. But when combined, both these aspects of your webpage can lead your rankings to increase dramatically, as long as you follow all the steps. If you put attention and effort into creating a properly optimized landing page, the results will be quite incredible. Digital marketing isn’t a mystery to navigate, as long as you learn the ropes correctly.