6 Pointers That Indicate Your Website Needs a New Design

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    It takes people about 0.5 seconds to decide whether a website is what they want. Your target audience has a lot of options to choose from and if the first impression they get from your website is not a good one, they will most likely go to your competitors.

    “94% of all first impressions are based on the design of the website.”

    To retain visitors you need to have a website with a modern design that represents your brand well. If your website is not giving you the desired result, there’s every possibility that it needs a new design.

    Below are six signs that show that your website needs a new design.

    1. The Existing Website Isn’t Performing Well

    If you feel that your current website design is not performing well or giving you the desired result then you should consider getting it redesigned.

    It could be that the bounce rate is high or you are not getting enough leads and conversions as you should. Giving your site a revamp will enable you to make changes to vital aspects of the website such as the web site’s theme, pictures, colors, and even its speed. Getting your website to the latest design will improve its performance and help you get new leads.

    2. The Website Doesn’t Look or Feel Like Your Business

    One of the major goals of a website is having a good representation of your business on the internet, if your website is not doing this, then you need to redesign it. This is especially if you can’t carry out successful marketing strategies or foster your business via your website.as the appearance of your website and how it functions will affect your sales, marketing, and customer satisfaction.

    3. Information is Missing or Outdated

    If the information about your website has changed, you need to have a redesign quickly. If for example you made changes or omissions to the important information of your business such as the contact email or number or address it is advisable to effect the change and update the outdated information on your website so that your visitors will know you are still in business.

    4. Only Coding Experts can Update Your Site

    Updating little aspects of your website or making changes to the content on your website should be easy and straightforward. If however, you are unable to make changes to the site without the help of an expert, then you urgently need a redesign.

    It is important to do this because you need to effect changes on time and it will affect user experience as well as affect your business if you need to wait for an expert to implement minor changes.

    5. Inadequate SEO

    Every good website should undergo search optimization. If your website is not optimized for SEO, you won’t get enough visitors as search engines find it difficult to find and rank websites with poor SEO.

    Redesigning your website will allow you to optimize the site for SEO and you will be able to install SEO tools as well.

    Here’s what a SEO site should include:

    6. Consumers Have a Hard Time Navigating from Place to Place

    Your website’s navigation is very important. It enables visitors to know where they are on the site, where they have been and guides them on where to go.

    If users have difficulty navigating your site, it will lead to confusion and frustration, which will cause them to abandon your site. When this happens, there will be a decrease in returning visitors and sales and a high bounce rate.

    You Need to Hire a Web Design Agency

    What’s great about hiring the services of a web design company is that you get to outsource a lot of redundant tasks to an agency full of experts, while you focus on your business. For instance, at Infinity Digital we monitor your website after designing it and let you know when it’s time for it to be revamped.

    We can even run web diagnostics on your website and identify what needs to be updated and you won’t have to lift a finger.


    Having examined these six signs, it’s now time for you to evaluate your website. If one or more of these signs are showing, invest in getting the site redesigned.