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    There are a lot of methods to get your business to rank well on searches. But, if you want a really powerful avenue to get more targeted traffic to your website, then you need to look into Pay Per Click marketing. Competent PPC services can give your business better ROI and increased sales.

    Infinity Digital, one of the best PPC Consultants in Coimbatore, has been delivering successful PPC marketing campaigns on a long-term basis. This means that we have the knowhow to deliver customers that have the highest chance to convert into long term clients. Our PPC campaigns are focused, innovative, powerful, and above all, dependable. We are confident of building pay per click advertising services that can deliver high conversions and visibility for your brand, guaranteed.

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    How We Get PPC Done

    Pay Per Click advertising services are one of the quickest methods to gain traction for businesses even in today’s highly competitive market space. We can offer brands the chance to gain an unprecedented amount of traffic and, subsequently, conversions. Our campaigns make sure that your brand will be positioned at the point of highest visibility on Google search results. We can deliver a rock-solid presence with proper systems in place so you can monitor your campaign’s performance over a period of time.

    Search Advertising

    Search advertising is the process by which online advertisements are placed amidst search results. Advertising on searches has been found to deliver the best performance-to-price ratio of late. We offer comprehensive Paid Search packages that are designed to deliver results.

    Display Advertising

    Advertising commercial intent through rich content like banner ads, animations, videos and the like offer a much higher chance of converting potential clients to your brand.


    Retargeting is a method through which you can connect with traffic that has bounced off your website without giving you the chance to convert. This is essentially a second chance to gather lost opportunities.

    Google Shopping Ads

    When you want something a bit richer and more descriptive than the default Google ads, product listing ads are what you opt for. Users can view the product which helps them make a better sales decision.

    Our PPC Campaign Management Process

    • Develop
      Campaign Strategy

    • Precise

    • Keyword

    • Audience
      Focused Ad Copy

    • Landing Page

    • Monitor

    • Conversion

    Develop Campaign Strategy

    A campaign strategy is critical to the success of the engagement and we make sure we have all bases covered about your brand through comprehensive problem and requirement analysis.

    Precise Targeting

    Identifying your target demographic is the key to optimal performance of any advertising campaign. We have the tools and the expertise to get accurate customer metrics.

    Keyword Research

    All our engagements feature detailed keyword research which is critical in order to select the ones which can offer you the best returns for your advertisement spend.

    Audience Focused Ad Copy

    We specialize in audience focused ad copies that are specifically tailored to you, can double your CTR, and significantly increase ROI for your brand all at the same time.

    Landing Page Creation/Optimization

    We make sure that your brand has the perfect landing page which gives your visitors exactly what they’re looking for. This means significantly lesser bounce rate and more consistent traffic.

    Monitor Competitors

    For a campaign to perform optimally, we track your top competitors and adapt our process queue dynamically to incorporate changes and iterations.

    Conversion Tracking

    The success of an advertising campaign comes down to how much conversions it can produce and it is crucial that it is tracked at all times.

    How Our PPC Services Can Benefit Your Brand

    Dedicated Account Manager

    We understand the importance of consistent correspondence which is why we have dedicated account managers for every engagement.

    Campaign Level Reporting

    Analysis at a campaign level can give you a bird’s eye view of the project and offer a better perspective when it comes to performance numbers.


    Everything we do is documented and available for your perusal at any time through secure documents.

    Google Search and Display Networks

    Google Search Networks (GSN) and Google Display Networks (GDN) are 2 different avenues brands can use to maximize benefits for their ppc advertising campaigns. We have considerable experience with both GSN and GDN, and they are critical for bringing in business.

    High ROI

    Increased ROI is the crux on which our advertising campaign is based on. Our price performance ratio ensures that you will have increased ROI in as little time as possible.

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