SEO strategies for 2019

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    One of the most powerful strategies today is SEO. It will be worth your while if you incorporate the right approach.

    Today’s world is rapidly changing, and SEO techniques are constantly changing. You need to keep up with these changes, or you will be left behind.

    The hacks that you made use of last year to win you front-page results are old news and obsolete now.

    Stay on top of your SEO game if not, your competitors will zoom past you.

    Why is SEO important?

    Google examines a variety of factors before determining a website’s ranking before showing up on their search engine results page (SERP). They aim to find content which matches the query of the user and also a trusted provider which provides value to the user.

    Content that ranks high on SERP has a chance of grabbing attention and attracting clicks as opposed to content that ranks lower. According to Smart Insights, more than 30% of clicks go to the first position on SERP, and by the third position, it reduces by 12%. Results which appear at the bottom of the page place at 9 and 10, receive only about 2% of the clicks.

    The difference between the sites that are top-ranked and lower ranked illustrate that brands who want attention from their customers have ought to boost their rankings.

    According to United Parcel Service Inc, for the first time in 2016, there were more online purchases than in-store purchases.

    Also, customers like to do their research online even if they ultimately land up buying in the store. Hence, brands that pay attention to SEO can make sure that they are visible to customers and their voice is heard.

    Another significant part of SEO is robots.txt file. Typically, some website owners will not want their entire website to be indexed. Here’s where the robots.txt file comes in handy. Robots.txt file identifies parts of your website which you don’t want indexed by the search engines and tells web crawlers to omit those pages from the index.

    Has SEO got you piqued? Here are a few of the top strategies which will help you stay atop.

    1. Optimize your content

    A crucial part of every marketing strategy is to optimize content for search engines by adopting an effective keyword strategy. Without targeted keywords and optimized content, potential customers will find it difficult to see you on organic searches.

    A beneficial keyword strategy is to mainly focus on the phrases where you rank from 11 to within the top 30 and aims to get you to page one.

    2. Increase the speed of your site

    It’s crucial for the speed of your website to be optimal. Not many people have the patience to wait for the website to load. Delete surplus images because they are the fundamental culprits of low speed. Only keep the essential extensions and plug-ins and get rid of ones which are unnecessary. Compressed images are best for loading quickly.

    3. Use interlinking with important keywords

    You can improve your position by interlinking your content with keywords.

    4. Link to other websites which are relevant

    Change it up a bit and instead of redirecting users to your articles, backlinking to appropriate third-party websites is also a good option.

    5. Make good use of social media

    You can boost engagement, build brand awareness, and enhance your SEO ranking with the help of social media.

    You need to make use of it properly to get the best results.

    6. Focus on building quality content

    If you have good quality posts, you will rank better on Google. If it’s good quality and you post regularly, you can even surpass the big guys! But if you aren’t able to post regularly, then follow the golden mantra of quality over quantity.

    7. Make your posts more shareable

    Ensure you optimize content so that you can share your posts easily on social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. If you add CTAs to your posts, you can also boost traffic to your website.

    Wrapping up thoughts on SEO strategies

    Back in 1991 was when the concept and implementation of SEO was initiated by Google. When they came into existence, SEO strategies were much lighter and comfortable. Back then, sufficient backlinking would get your website to the top of Google’s SERP.

    However, the world of digital marketing is one of constant changes.

    Even though you feel you are ahead of the game, you just might be lagging behind. If you want to flourish in this ever-changing environment, you need to adapt and evolve continually.

    Regardless of the change, Backlinks and keyword relevance are expected to continue to be foundational functions which you cannot ignore.

    While your strategies last year would have brought you results, today, things have changed. This year, it’s time to revisit your SEO plans and work on incorporating different ideas for even better results.