5 Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Digital Marketing Campaign

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    Imagine if you had to survive in the middle of the wilderness without food and water with feral, dangerous animals lurking in the vicinity. You are a stranger to the land which will instantly instill confusion and powerlessness. Will you be able to survive? It won’t be easy!

    Without trying to sound too dramatic, whether you like it or not, the modern marketing terrain is analogous to the wilderness. It’s a terrifying terrain, especially if you are in uncharted territories and don’t know what you are doing.

    Of course, a great product, a healthy amount of capital, knowledgeable and loyal staff, excellent customer service are all plusses, but if you are unable to market your business efficiently, it will result in inconsistent sales and revenue which will wither away success like a plant in the sweltering sun.

    If you are serious about new business and getting returns, you need to navigate the marketing terrain and have a thorough strategy.

    With proper planning, a marketing campaign will feel less overwhelming, and when you know what you are doing, it’s nothing short of fun.

    Before you dive into strategizing, here are five things to keep in mind.

    1. Know your audience

    Before spending a dime on marketing, ask yourself, ‘Who is your target audience? Why does the user need my product? What are their interests?’ Although it sounds relatively straightforward and simple, most brands tend to overlook such questions. At most, business owners have a vague idea about their customers. Not having in-depth information is like playing darts in the dark – it’s impossible to hit your target when you don’t know where it is.

    When you know who your audience is, you can create information for them, which will lead them to buy your product/service. With the appropriate, specific content, you can also attract new leads.

    Without knowing your audience, it’s tough to tailor an effective marketing strategy for your brand.

    2. Have a purpose and goal

    It’s easy to say that your goal is to make more money. After all, that’s the fundamental goal of every business. But there’s more to than just raking in the dough. You may want more sales, new leads, higher customer satisfaction, wider reach, attract more viewers to a blog post or video, get more followers through social media marketing, etc. Whatever it may be, starting a marketing campaign without a real goal is fruitless.

    Yes, you will map out strategies, have regular meetings, review analytics and determine what works and what doesn’t but it’s a waste of time, money, and effort unless you have a set goal.

    A quick tip: Ensure your goal is quantifiable or can be measured. If not, you will not know if it’s successful or not.

    3. Use different platforms

    If you are a starter, a good practice is to focus on one platform and focus on understanding it completely. Once you have done this, you can disperse your strategy across all platforms.

    When choosing the best platform, think of what social media platforms your target audience use, where they are hanging out the most, and how to grab their attention. When you know where your audience is, it’s easier to display your message to them.

    We suggest a mix of platforms for your digital marketing campaign so that you reach your audience appropriately and effectively.

    4. Measure your results

    Measuring results are the only way to know if your campaign is successful or not.

    Depending on the goals that you laid out during the creation of the campaign, finalize key performance indicators (KPIs) that you want to measure. With the help of these KPIs, you can conclude whether you are attaining your pre-set goals.

    The results that you garner will come in handy when you prepare your next marketing campaign. With reliable data, you can create a better, strong campaign next time around.

    The information that you collate from the results should help pinpoint the type of content your audience likes, whether you can reach out to your target audience, what ads were the strongest, etc.

    Be Prepared for Change

    Marketing takes time, don’t rush it. You need to give your brand a realistic timeline from the day your campaign commences.

    Do not hurry through the planning stage, your audience will be able to tell, and this could cost you big time!

    The first attempt might not be right – it’s alright.

    Think of marketing like a guessing game. There are ways to analyze, measure, and track results, but it’s challenging to determine what your audience will connect with. When you feel your campaign isn’t anywhere near achieving the goals, maybe you could pivot and shift strategy. It’s essential to keep in mind that following through with a marketing campaign which doesn’t deliver returns is futile.

    Venturing into the world of digital marketing involves mapping out plan, put effort into it, commit to it, and be patient.

    Time bears the best fruit, and this holds good with digital marketing as well.