The Truth About These Common Web Development Myths

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    Due to the nature of the industry, there are numerous misconceptions about web development. A lot of people have varying opinions and information about web development, but such information should be taken with a pinch of salt because most of them are wrong. Making decisions based on these myths can be detrimental to your business. Some of these misconceptions are corrected in this article.

    1. Web Development isn’t Easy

    Web development is a serious business and you shouldn’t give the task to random Joes. Industry knowledge and skill is required for developing a website. Having a DIY knowledge of web development is not enough to build a website.

    Many companies are aware of this, which is why within the next ten years there will be a 13% increase in the employment of web developers.

    2. In Web Development the End Goal is Vital

    Building a website that your clients like and can interact effectively with is very important, but that is not the ultimate goal of having a website.

    The main goal of having a website is to build a platform that visually satisfies your clients and nudges them to take the desired action. It is also important to get a web developer that can create a website that users can easily navigate through to find what they’re looking for; if users are unable to locate the needed information on your website they will bounce.

    3. You Won’t Get a Rush of Visitors Once Your Website is Created

    The fact that you have a website does not mean that you will get an automatic flow of visitors on your site neither will your website make it to Google’s first page immediately.

    Research shows that 95% of all web searches happen via Google and Google usually rewards URLs that have been around for a while a higher ranking.

    Asides being around for a while, many other factors need to come into play before you can start getting a rush of visitors. The chart below gives more insight into some of the factors.

    One of the things you need to do is publish quality content over a long time for your visibility to increase. Publish at least one post every week.

    4. Website Launched Doesn’t Mean it’s Over

    Even though you’ve successfully launched your website, your work isn’t over. You need to carry out regular maintenance and updates, as websites should get updated every two years. Such revamping will enable you to keep up with the latest innovations and designs that will make your website attractive to the visitors.

    Outdated websites do not function well especially with web browsers; the website will not be able to display correct results to web users when using certain browsers.

    5. A lot of Abominations and Functions Doesn’t Always Equate to a Better Website

    A lot of people are tempted to believe that the more features they put on their websites, the better but this is very wrong. Adding features that have no value to your website will do you more harm than good.

    “38% of visitors will stop visiting a website with extra-long content.”

    More features mean that the visitors have more choices and this makes it hard for them to make a decision that will favor your brand. It is therefore advisable to keep your website simple.

    Leave out any feature that doesn’t add value for the visitors; visitors care more about the value they get from your product and services than the number of features that you have on the website.

    6. Avoid Overly Cheap Web Development Rates

    You always get what you pay for. If you pay web developers cheaply, they will design a cheap website that will give you a lot of trouble. Web development takes a lot of time and resources so don’t think you can get it done at a ridiculously cheap price.

    Here’s a summary of average web development prices for medium-sized websites:

    How well you build your website determines how your clients will view you. To avoid coming off as cheap and of low value, spend as much as you can to get a good website developed.

    7. Don’t Rely Solely on Google For Web Images

    Images can have either a negative or a positive impact on your website. In fact, 32% of marketers believe that images are the most important content.

    If used appropriately images are capable of generating quality leads for your business but they distort user experience if implemented improperly. You should also avoid poor resolution images.

    8. You Don’t Need a Professional Touch

    A major misconception in the web development space is that with an amateur web solutions service you can achieve quality results. That’s wrong, and against best practices to hire a web development company as professional web solutions exist for a reason – they’re good at what they do.

    For example, at Infinity Digital we’re literally unmatched in terms of the quality of our web development services. Our portfolio content attests to the fact that the professional touch makes all the difference.


    Having debunked some of the common misconceptions about web development, always ensure that you take out time to seek the opinion of professionals regarding any issue that pertains to web development as it’ll help you avoid generic myths, which are detrimental to the success of your website.

    What’s your worst web development experience you have had? Feel free to share it with us.